Storage perrmission issue

Hello dear community. İ have made an app which i need to store identifier data for save user login on phone. That is why app request storage permission and users are wonder about data leake or some spy. How can i do this without storage permission?
Thank you

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About which component are you talking?
Tiny DB?


yes i store data with Tiny DB

A few things.

Make sure the app is installed by a valid “store” , like Google, Amazon, Samsung, Mi etc.

All apps need to be able to store data. If they are worried if your app is spyware or malware, then they need to install it from a valid store, and they should not play with rooted packages, or techniques.

If they are still nervous, they should get rid of their device and stick to a pen and paper.


yes you are right. my app is on Play Store now. but i noticed that alternative apps to mine does not require storage permission. i need your help

It looks really that it does not need the permission.
Maybe we can remove the permission


it would be great! thank you!

I look into it tomorrow and tell what I found

ok. thank you very much. i will be wait

I just looked now at the code.
Tiny DB have not any permission.

Means if you use only Tiny DB then there will be no permission added to your apk.

Are you sure you dont use other components which add the permission?


is this may be related with encryption component? because i encrypt user data before sotring on phone

I looked there too but again no permission.

these are my components.

Web component needs storage permission since the result can be stored.

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in my situation i dont store any data retrived from web. if i remove storage permission from manifest file will i face with any errors?

No. It should be fine if you remove it until you know for sure that you dont need it.
Just try it

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Thank you very much for help. İ will test

No problem.
Iam always willing to help until the dupic is not duplicate and makes sense :grinning:

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