Help needed in converting csv into list

I’m using list from csv table and for each item blocks.
My table contains 2 column, each column is text field and contain some commas.
When it convert csv into list, it splits the column.
Column1 , Column2
Hi(column1), Thank You, Welcome(column2)
Result i’m getting
Thank You
It is also internally splitting column2.

Any method to solve this?

You can use the block split the text at ,

But it does not create a list.
A, B -> A B

if you split then it will behave as a list only and you can use it as select list item list. Do one thing, first you split the value into a variable and count the length of the list, you will get result which means csv is converted into list

Sorry, It is creating list now but it is splitting cell into multiple cells

ok, actually what you wanna do from the csv to ?

I’m using Mysql, Mysql is sending data in csv.
I have two column one for heading and other for main content.
I want to keep them in two list and make something like slideshow

then try this block

this will give you the values when mysql got all rows into lists…

I changed code in mysql and it is sending data seperated by#, now split text work fine

I’ll try this

Try split at first

Even this is working like split at, not working properly

share your aia, if possible

already suggested,

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