How to create a csv table from 3 lists?

I have 3 lists one for time, one for code and one for name …
how to make a csv table from these 3 lists…

in another words,
how to create a csv table contains the data from the 3 lists?

what blocks should I use beside these blocksblocks (9)

How do they relate to each other? Index 1 in each ?

@TimAi2 I added blocks … please check
blocks (9)

and you want a csv like this:



I want this table
To be created in CSV table

From 3 lists

How can I do it?

I think you want something like @Taifun tutorial Dynamic Table Layout and Table Listpicker


Here is how to generate your csv list:


@TimAi2 @George_Loungos
I will try and send you a feedback

Suggestion: don’t have the three lists in the first place, you can handle all that data in just one list from the start, then no need to convert three into one.

How can I do that?

how do you create the 3 lists?
as always you might want to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks


@George_Loungos @TimAi2
I worked … thanks alot dears

You may want to share your solution with the community to help others in the future.


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