Help to overlay components in gridview

hello, in my project I did a gridview using the dynamic components, but I would like to place a favorites button above the image, as shown in the image below, so I would like your help.

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You can do this by using horizontal component.
You need set picture to horizontal image picture. And put the cardview which have heart image in horizontal component.

I did what you said, but the image was below the horizontal component and without overlapping the image, as I wanted.



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You should use Overshoot horizontal for your design. You need to play with the start Position and end Position to get the right design.

Hope it will help you. :slight_smile:

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I did it, but did he keep the space that was occupied by the horizontal component, any way to remove that space?

I did not understand. Show what you did and how it was.
Show how it was.

I said to set background image of horizontal arrangement but not to add image there.

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You can consult here;

You can also use this extension

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I did not keep any space. It was by default. If you want to remove that, change the screen background color.

hello, I was not successful, I followed the tutorial posted here, I changed the color, I tried to make it invisible and appeared again, but still nothing worked, I think I will have to use the extension, there is the space that was occupied by the organizer and do not leave.

Change the layout alignment to center of the arrangement in which you are showing the image. Then it will look good.

not solved. :pensive:

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