Help with admob

Its my first time using admob after my first app was approved today,
I’m using banners but they do not show google ads instead they are showing unity ads i suppose, also the analytics in admob are all zero. Anyone who is used to advertising please help me.

Its Kodular commission thats normal Unity ads is for Kodular

Check if you have integrated correctly, also do search on community. You will find many topic related to this.

I searched the community, i read a lot but i cannot find a solution.
The interstitial ads are also not working, they are not loaded

Use Ad Failed to Load block and come back with error message.

It could take a while for ads to start showing, check back in a few days. The unity ads, as has been mentioned, are Kodulars way of taking commissions.

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It does not return any error for banners but it did give me error for interstitial that was caused because i used show ad just after load ad. after a minute or so of no errors for interstitial an error pops up sayinf init failed

Maybe this is causing problem?

This isnt the problem, my account was verified today by admob and the issue still exists

Ads are now working but only in the exported apk. Earlier they didnt work in the apk too.