Hey i am new to kodular

  1. I have a problem where I cannot copy and pate banner ad unit in kodular…

  2. How to monetize my app…

Thank you

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Clear your question more…

WelCome to Kodular
Answer Sheet

  1. If you have created AdMob AdUnit Then You can just right click and Copy AdUnit And Paste where you want.

  2. To Monetize using AdMob: SignUp to AdMob >> Create AdUnit >> Copy AdUnit ID from AdMob AdUnit Dashboard >> Paste in Kodular AdMob Property. That’s it.

  3. Wait for ad Because Google takes Time (48Hrs) to Approve your AdMob Account and Send ads.

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I have a admob id the thing is I cannot copy and paste the add unit to kodular

Where your are Copying From?

I am copying from admob but unable to paste it in kodular

Have you Added Admob Component in Designer