How can a Teenager Buy The premium subscription of Kodular?

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Why don’t you sell aia files of those complex applications to earn some money?

First, you have incomplete information.
Secondly, stop asking for likes and do some creative work. You’ll get more than 30 likes without asking for it.

But how can a teenager can sell it online it’s required a bank account

Maybe you can ask one of your friends to receive payments. There shouldn’t be any issue since you are not sending payments so no-one will disagree to help.
I also used this until I got my card.

You can always find a workaround if you get out of your ‘mentally teenager’ state.

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hmm , well did you have premium if you have then can u help me to export my aia file to apk

I don’t have premium.

no issue dear

Try using Android Builder or MIT app inventor

Android Builder has many bugs for years and @Sai_Athulith_Neela please don’t recommend that to anyone.

It does but you can find an another way as I love kodular when it was free but changing it made some of my precious apps unproccessable i am a kid too and cant pay for kodular premium so i moved too android builder and had to make my apps from scratch as i can import and export becuse of component missing errorrs.

Umm i am only 13 year old but I buy Premium every months :rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Can you help me to export my app or can you give me your kodular id please trust me

hi don’t ask like this again and again,
even you’re a beginner there are similar App Builders available,
try to use them untill you can buy a premium subscription on kodular.

If you use less than 5 extension in every single project,
then Kodular will be free and you can also export app in your own account

i know that and my app has more extension due to which i am unable to export it and for kind information if you dont want to help then dont help i m not asking you again and again okay …

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can you help me

Can anyone help me to export my app I will give my (aia) file in free but the request will be that don’t share and sell it otherwise stick action

Unfortunately, that would be impersonation …

I understand that you are not in a financial situation where you can afford Premium, but nobody can help you because everyone is obliged to pay to use Kodular Premium. The Kodular team wouldn’t allow illicit distribution of Premium accounts.

Right now, you have a few choices:

  • Use another builder. You might want to consider Niotron or Appzard, or other alternatives to Kodular. App Inventor can also be an option, but you might need several extensions to compensate App Inventor’s missing components (compared to Kodular).

  • Wait till the K+AI2 collaboration finishes. Kodular will start merging with App Inventor starting from next year. I cannot guarantee when it will finish, since Kodular has a number of evident (and important) bugs that have to be fixed.

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