How Can I Add Items To The Cart Page

I am making an eCommerce app, I am stuck into the cart page, can anyone helps me to send all the items to the cart page. I want to show all the products as a Custome list View. Also, Want a total Price for all of the cart items. I also Buy Deep Host Custom List View Extension.


Please help me to get it out.

I think you should learn one thing at a time. Build in steps. You are asking for help for several items in a single topic.

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When add to cart clicked, instead of using firebase db use tiny db to store value.

Store value in tiny db by making a list in a variable. Call it on cart page.

And for total price add price list items (summation).

I also try Tinydb but, can’t find any solution. please help me to build the cart system. show me some block to make the product list, and show it into cart page as a list.

As @Rogerio_Rios said go step by step.
For Add items to cart, do
Add a button for cart when it pressed then add item to the list ( products name, price,etc) and store it in tinydb.
On cart page display the information accordingly.
You must try and if you have any problem then we are here to help :blush:


Thank You Guys After Your Suggestion I tried and Step up some Process. But, I just Get Last Value which stores in tinydb. I Need the Whole List.
single product Page

How Can I show The Whole list in the list view, and how to select specific item from the list.

Answering the first question:
I haven’t looked at your blocks, but normally, when we want to read a list of items or several records in a table, we can use a feature called “loop” (repetition structure). It will read a specified start to an end specified by the programmer.

Answering the second question:
Every list / array / vector has items and each item has a number that identifies it: index. Through this index you can find your item. Index 0, Index 1, Index 2 … some lists start with 0 others with 1

How can i set the index value in the list. I receive multiple data in in multiple tag then i process it into a single list, so I can’t understand how to set the index value for each list. I am trying to make a loop store multiple value.

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