Bring items in the listview

I need to pull the products in Offer to within a ListView. In my Firebase there are 4 products, but only 1 this vido is being brought. Could someone help me in the blocks below ?



Getting Valur is wrong because it is using Portuges language, but it is not a fault.

if you change creator language to English ant then share screenshot, it will increase the rate of perfect solution

Set list view elements after for each loop else it can create a runtime error.

I did not understand your explanation, could you show me this in the above blocks?

Can you elaborate more about your problem?
I am still unable to understand what is the problem.

Now I understand friend, thank you, again!lista

This is now loading right, I would like you to help me in these blocks, because when I save the second product on, the Offers Tag and Tag Manufacturers are being duplicated in the Firebase database.

Below is how it was on the firebase the Tag: Offers and also TAG Manufacturers:

Only the Aminoacidos Tag was correct, only with 2 items.


A02 A03 A05

A3 A4 A5

I think this is because you have used not equal to block.
For example:
Then x is greater than 0 and 1
So if you will use like this
If x>1
Then do y process
Else if x>0
Then do y process

So this will run same process two times.

I noticed here that when I register a new product, it saves the product in the Category tag OK, saved in the Tag Ogerta O and in the Tag Maker Ok, so when the second product is saved, Tag Category Ok, Tag Offers and Manufacturer the product enters twice . So in the View2 list, which refers to Offers, there is 1 product, another product and it repeats itself. Dai if I launch another new product, the Tag Category OK, but the Tag Offers that should now have 3 items, presents with 1 more being the last, the one I just launched duplicate. If I launch another product, then the latter is normalized and the next one gets duplicated.

I can see some errors in your blocks marked from red cross.
Try after clearing them.

The red crosses are not mistakes, and because my version of the language is using the Portuguese and the blocks were assembled in the summer in English, so there are no mistakes, ok.

Note that when saving in ListView2, the last item is repeated. When launching the next item, this one that is repeated is Ok and next it is that it is repeated. And that’s what I’m talking about, the same thing does not happen in List View1.

There is something there in the blocks that is leaving, when saving the product, that doubles.

2019-10-10_16-41-35 2019-10-10_16-41-35 2019-10-10_16-41-35

Well Everytime I try to retrieve the sub index parts it multiply thed content in list view how can I just make it just I just get the cpontent without getting multiplied content