How can I create a feed inside my app?

My team and I want to create an app where users will share photos and other users will be able to see those photos while scrolling down their feed (just like on Facebook, Instagram and other similar social network apps).

The main problem we are facing right now is how to achieve this kind of view. I know that normally one would use the Recycler View and maybe Cards to make it work but after spending a long time searching on the internet I came to the conclusion that there’s no such thing in Kodular for the time being. (At least for free)

Is there another way to make a feed without creating more and more components as the user scrolls down which would cause the app to crash? Or should we abandon this app idea for now? :confused:

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Automatic scroll is not possible, but you can add a “more button” to the bottom of the page and implement to show a limited number of files.

That’s the problem. We want the user to be able to scroll all the way down no matter how many posts they have to load, like Instagram for example.

Recycler View would be wonderful, but as it is not possible right, now use this option …

… And don’t give this project up. If it is available one day, you can implement it as a new feature update.

I use this in one of my projects …



Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately though the project we want to create has to be as professional as possible so I’ll just have to finish the Java book a had put aside last year and make the app in Android Studio instead.

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