How to make a news feed?


So I wanted to create an in-app feed with pictures as thumbnails, a title, deskcription, comments and users can upload their own “post” in the feed. Sort of like instagram.
Is it possible to do that and how?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Ya you can do it using extension.

Which extension?

Deep Host custom list view extension & Airtable.

Thanks! I’m pretty new here. Could you please share the exact blocks of how it’s done?

sorry its a paid extension & for that you have to contact @Deep_Host

oh. Are there any alternatives to this extension?

Yup you can use colintree custom list view extension

Thank you :slight_smile:

if you got the solution please mark my comment as solution.

okay. but can you show me how with blocks?

search in Community so many examples available.

i didn’t fin an example of comments & feed with this extension.


might be helpful for you.