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Hello everyone!
Can i create an app with posts (and likes) like Instagram or Facebook?
Remember that i can create posts and the other people can only read and like it.

What have you tried? Have you searched the community? There exist some similar apps. Also , if you want to hire a developer to develop this app for you, you could change the category to #marketplace:request

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I didn’t have try nothing, I only answer if anyone can explain me how to make that… do you have some ideas?

So you should try your self first :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably can search the community:
You need a database, to store posts, likes ,etc…:

You can choose your database according to how you would like your application to be ( realtime,etc…)
For the design of posts, this guide would be helpful :

For like system, there was a topic about it:

You can also buy a complete post view:


You need first understand what you want to do. You already know ?

*Programming logic
variables , repetition structure, conditional
deviation, arrays / lists, counters, accumulators,
logical operators (and, or )…

which routines to create, when to use each routine, who will use the routines, what information each routine needs to receive and what each routine will return …

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