How can I get the value of the json array?

“boundingbox” : [ “-17,2221106” ,"-17,2217947" ,"-46,8571919" ,"-46,8549171" ]

how can I get the values of this array?

I wanted to receber these values: “-17,2221106” and “-46,8571919”

First, the JSON you pasted here is not valid.

The valid JSON will look like this

{"boundingbox” : [ “-17,2221106” ,"-17,2217947" ,"-46,8571919" ,"-46,8549171" ]}

So the JSON string is a JSON object with a key boundingbox with value as a JSON array of strings.
The values you want to get are at indices 1, 3 (or 0, 2 :upside_down_face:)

To extract those values, use the JSON component (search for it in the components panel). This component allows you to get the data from JSON.

To be continued…

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@pavi2410 I on the right track?

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No, you don’t need the for loop and break block. Just move the two “add items…” blocks outside the for loop.

@pavi2410 Gave this error:

The “boundingbox” object is 2 levels deep. You have to select the 1st item of the 1st item to get the “boundingbox” object.

@pavi2410 same problem :frowning:

No, that’s not what I meant.

Try this

set global boundingbox to lookup in pairs key "boundingbox"
                                          pairs select list item  list select list item  list get global DecodeJson
                                                                  index 1                index 1
                                          notFound "notFound"

what about using Do it to debug your blocks?
see tip 4 here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
Live Development, Testing, and Debugging Tools

probably that would be easier and faster compared to asking in the forum?


@Taifun if it had like i wore i have no emulator nor cell phone


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