How can i give a value to a text from the spinner?

how can i give a value to a text from the spincer?
Suppose I have a spinner that has two texts: VIP and Standard.
If I click on VIP it stores the value 50 in my blocks, or if I click on standard it stores the value 25 in my blocks.
these values ​​50 or 25 depending on the choice we are going to make must be sent to the goole sheet after clicking on the send button.
I have already done everything, I just have to give the values ​​to my spinner.

here is the block that sends the data to my sheet, so now we have to replace the text spinners with a value of 50 for VIP and 25 for Standard.

Set a variable with the value you want from the spinner selection, using a conditional statement. Then use that variable in your PostText

Thank you for your answer, only I would like to know how I can do it? can you please give me an example of the blocks if you don’t mind. I am new to programming with kodular


Thank you very much, now after this action, how to use this variable in my post text? so I have to take “get selection” in my Post Text? if not, how can I use this variable in my Post Text?

This is basic block coding…


Thank you very much :+1: :+1: :+1: :pray: :pray:

I have a problem. I would like that even if the cell of my google sheet is empty, that this message cannot appear. because it appears when the cell of my google sheet does not contain a value, therefore empty.
here is the screenshot :

If possible, when my cell is empty, you can replace that with 0 (Zero) to just avoid this message that appears after the search.

my blocks are as such: it is the label22 which takes or displays the value of column 12 in my sheet.

blocks (27)

Use one more condition here as the item is not empty string

Good morning. What condition could I use to avoid this error message? How can I place my blocks?

Create a procedure that checks if is empty and if is number, for example

Thank you very much for your answer. Only I was going to ask you: where to put these blocks that you made for me?

here are all my blocks how are they made up, maybe this can help you guide me to put or place your conditions in my blocks:

Hello, I believe you are well. please help me. can you answer my last question in which I even sent you my blocks? Help me please.

I’m really stuck, the “and” block I can’t find that. I don’t know where to find that.



Same blocks , second one with external inputs

thank you very much, now the other two blocks I would place them where; like that?