How can i know my google map permission allowed or not

I want to get notified when users allow location permission after being asked by google Maps. tried permission granted block but that doesn’t work if permission asked by google map but permission denied block work

Do You Wana Know are U Want your Users to Know?

I want to know by block then I set algorithm according to it

ok So First Thing Make Sure You Gave the Corect Permission Name.
I Recommend use Firebase for This Purpose
next follow this

When Screen1. Permission Granted :
         Firebase_Database. Store Value
                    Tag: Get Device ID or (Something else eg. Username)
                    Value: Granted

Try It

ah! man i give correct permission i want to notify when user allow location permission asked by google component, After allowed permission granted event doesn’t fire

Oh Wait.


me. I want to get notify then I will set algorithm

ok got it give me a couple of minutes

you can use this

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not Required. You Can do with Default Blocks

I know i can do this, but if i do that then google map doesn’t load,


I check everything, If i didn’t asked location permission in before screen by google map then google doesn’t load in my project :cold_sweat:

Alright Yes we can do

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let me check thank you

did you turn on gps on your phone

Yes obiously

This can help you !

man problem is in permission granted event doesn’t fired