How can I make the Splash screen fit on any device?


I’ve created an application and I want to add a splash screen to it.
I tried to do that using an image and the splash screen option:


This solution works well on my device, but when I use another mobile phone with a bigger screen the image gets deformed.

My question is: Which dimensions does my splash screen need to have to evite that?
Is there any alternative that I can use?

Thank you very much for your help,

Dont use splash from screen option.just Make it manual .

Hello! Thanks for your answer!
I thought about that, but my app is quite big and when it opens a blank screen appears for a couple of seconds.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do through Kodular however, if you decompile your apk you can achieve what you want by specifying which image should load to the different screen size…

Thank you very much for your answer!
I decided to use a splash screen with no text so it does not deform on different devices,
Thank you very much,

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