My image got Stretched in Splash image?

When Screen Initialize it show Stretched image And after intialize it show clear image.

how can i solve this issue ??

What are the dimensions of the splash image? If it’s not according to device’s height and width, then it’s obvious that it would stretch.

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how can i solve this issue ??

As I already said, use image of correct dimension

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sometimes it happens so delete component and upload it again

What kind of solution is this?

yes i mean sometimes when img is to big or small u need to delete component and then u have to arrange it accordingly
show designer section

For Splash Screens in your editor select “image size” as

OR “200” & “350”

& Then Design It Accordingly

Here Editor Means Your Picture Editor

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I recommend you to use a custom splash image. Search on the community, there are a lot of guides about it :blush: