Splash screen - newbie

I’m trying to get a nice looking start-up for the app I’m doing. I have a white screen while the app is loading so I tried to use a splash screen with the same colour as the background colour in my app. Made a 96x96 pixel png as image for the splash screen, but this image did not covered the whole screen on the phone so instead I tried with a 512x512 image but the app (installed apk) does not start with this splash image. are there any allowed image sizes for the splash screen?

What can be wrong?


Try By Making 320x480px OR 480x320px

Tried 320x480px but the app does not start with this size. I tried another size 128x256. This works, but the image does not cover the whole screen. Strange.

Create a high quality image like 1080x1920 and use this extension to set image scale type to center crop

I’m feeling a bit stupid… but I’m a newbe… :wink:

I cannot find out how to get this extension to work with splash images.

I use a solid color 150x200 .png file and it works perfect. I literally googled my hex code I needed and then saved the image that came up,.

That was my idea as well :slight_smile: I must have done something wrong as it does not work properly to me. I thought the splash image would just scale up to the display resolution.

It always has for me. I even test on a tablet and it stretches just fine on the larger screen.

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For some reason the splash image does not scale/stretch for me. I’m sure there is some simple setting somewhere…

Huh, I don’t see anything that would adjust that. I see the splash image selector on screen 1 and then the checkbox to enable it. That’s what you are using right?

Splash Screen Settings

Yes, under “Advanced properties” I check the “Splash Enabled” and select my now uploaded 150x200px png image under “Splash Image”. Are there any format problems maybe? Pre-viewing the uploaded image works fine. I use min SDK Android 8.0.


Is it maybe something device specific? have you tried other devices?

No, not yet. My device is a Samsung S7 with Android 8.0. I will try to find another device :slight_smile:

Now, I installed the app on a tablet with Android 5.1.1 (with min SDK changed to 5.1 - 5.1.1). But the same problem remains.

I sort of found the problem :slight_smile: I use Inkscape for creating png-images and it was set to 600 dpi. I changed this and now it works perfect.

to what did you change it ?

The rectangle was drawn in 150x200px size but the png image generation in Inkscape seems to use 600 dpi as default setting. This equals to 938x1250px in this example. I changed it so that the generated image was 150x200px which corresponds to 96 dpi.

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Hmm, the default for my Inkscape is 96dpi…

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ops… I must then have changed it some time. I forgot it. Sorry. Thanks for the correction!

I tried to add a logo into the splash screen but I cannot get it as I want. I have tried quite a lot using the “9-patch” method where it should be possible to control where stretching and scaling of the picture is allowed by using 1 pixel wide markings around the picture.

Anyone who has succeeded with this? (should maybe be a separate topic)