9-patch method for stretching and scaling splash screen

There is a method for stretching and scaling splash screens used by Android devices called “9-patch”. It uses 1-pixel wide black markers around the image to control where stretching and scaling of an image is allowed. A typical usage is when you have a logotype on the splash screen that you do not want it to be scaled or stretched. Stretching is typically done within the solid colour area surrounding the logotype.

I have tried but not fully succeeded with this. Anyone that have used this feature?

Unfortunately, it will not work with 9.patch however, if you are up for it I can offer you what you want with my old approach…

It may look like this, for a brief moment you can see share icon.

splash.apk (5.2 MB)

What you will need to do?

  • Decompile apk
  • Edit/Add some files (icon and background color of your choice)
  • Recompile to apk

P.S. you might use splash image but you will never find the proper size for it, as it will look somewhat
stretched and/or compressed on some devices etc…


Thanks a lot for the answer!

I did a kind of work around by using a solid colour splash screen and then the Screen 1 and “splash” for a second or so. Screen 2 is the main screen.

I think this will do for now, but I might come back a bit later in the app development stage to ask for help with decompile - edit - recompile :slight_smile:


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