How can I move a photo taken with the Camera Component to a specific folder?

Once I take a photo with the Camera Component I can use the following block to retrieve the file location.


The result is: file:///storage/emulated/0/Pictures/fileName.jpg

I did some research and some testings (using the Move File method) but I didn’t manage to move the file from that location to another one, for example: file:///storage/emulated/0/myCustomFolder/fileName.jpg

Is it possible to accomplish that?

use extension available at


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You can do that and In Kodular you don’t need external component too.
Just use FILE component to make the job done !!

If you still face any difficulty, feel free to share what you have done. So, it would be easy to identify the mistake done by you .

kodular component of file is little difficult to use in case of moving file(see in image) difficult to fit the block

That is why I suggested taifunFile extension

I can’t understand why some blocks work this way. It just doesn’t make sense.
For these cases you can use this block Evaluate but ignore result:

these few block must get small modification or we can are not getting the right way to use them

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I found this extension when I was searching google for solutions. I guess I’ll have to use this if everything else fails.

Yeah I tried using the “evaluate but ignore result” block combined with the File.Move method but it didn’t seem to work :thinking:

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Show your blocks and report it to the staff. May be you are doing something wrong or may be a bug

Okay, so it seems to be working fine now. The correct way to arrange your blocks in order for it to function is the following:


It seems that you must exclude the file:///storage/emulated/0 from the input & output path.

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