Picture from camera in a created folder

Hello guys, I’m starting at Kodular and I’m loving it. I’m creating an app that receives information from some text boxes, and also takes 4 photos, from the camera!
I need that at the end of the form He send everything to a folder inside the device!
a different folder for each shipment.

as I am a novice I already learned how to create a directory with the name of each inserted customer.
and also a txt document with the fields filled in.

I would really like to insert the pictures taken and a txt file inside that folder!
I appreciate any support.

What have you done so far? Show your blocks.

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Hi deanart2012, ok!
this is my blocs.
thanks for help me
blocks (2)|690x309

i translate my blocks, sorry
this is the correct.

you might want to use the Small Camera Extension by Juan Antonio to save the taken picture in a directory of your choice
(link taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps)

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fantastic, it worked perfectly with photos! wonderful!
but how can i throw the .txt file into the same folder as the photo was sent? I appreciate your help!

use the File.SaveFile method together with the folder you want

Good night everyone, I am studying and developing an application for testing. and basically consists of a text box a button to create a directory with the name that is typed in the text box.
and a camera that takes a picture and saves it in the same directory.

I need the photos to be created inside this folder, that every time the text changes and creates a new directory the photos go there.

my print Screen

thanks for all hope

Hi @Ricardo_Maranduba
Are you facing any issue?
If then please share it with us.

hi use 3 text boxes, and one of them is assigned next to a join block to name a directory. right after taking the photo using the camera save these photos in the same directory created. it would be like that. rest box 1 receives a value, I assign that value as part of the URL to create a directory, and right after saving photos in that created directory! every time i enter a new value text box 1 will create a new directory! where photos will be saved again

You can use Move method of File component and move file to desired directory.

Thanks for you help
could you show a use of this move component to me i’m new to and i’m trying to learn. could show a functional block.

Hi @Ricardo_Maranduba
I would like to say you two things:
1.If you want to notify people about your post then either tag him/him or simply reply to his/her previous post.
2.You can look at docs for more information about File component and its usage.Also a quick search in community can give you a lot of blocks related to file component.

what about using the Small Camera Extension by Juan Antonio to save the taken picture in a directory of your choice

see also the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps

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Just a tip: In english we use to say screenshot instead of print screen. Some people won’t understand if you use print screen hehe
About your question, I would answer but reading the comments I believe it was already answered by the others members.


He is already using this extension.

I don’t know exactly where your problem is. So describe it in detail:

and post the results of “Do it” (connect to Companion, right mouse click: Do it):

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thank you @bodymindpower, I now merged the 2 threads

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