How can I personalize the background of my app

Hello Guys!
How can I personalize background colors or textures to my app?
For example:
I wanna put some detail like one color on top, another in the middle, and the same color on the bottom.
Or some texture, something like that, something simple to give a smooth detail to the main screen of the app.
Thanks for any help.

What you can do is create vertical arrangements and set image background.

You can set a screen background like this one.

And your app should look like this

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Hi !
It’s me Again :smiley:

Well, the ideal is, before suggesting a layout, to know the type of app he wants to create.

And also suggest as a source of inspiration.

This site helps me to realize what to do! Thank You so much!

Thank You for your tip! I will test!

This is important:
Car sale, I made it inspired by dribbble


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