How can I stop download using component downloader

Hello great coders I am trying to find a way to stop download though I am sure that this feature is not there with the built in Download Component but please guys I know nothing is impossible.

Please help me to know how I can stop this.
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I am thinking of using webview but this component too is I can’t find any option or features to do the same

I hope no such direct option is available… however you can try this method

Yes but I think maybe there is a way to make a custom with webview in jsSelector etc
as @Mika said that

So I just need that option to cancel if possible. Please someone help on this.

You Can Use Custom Download Extension By Deephost
but i have heard that people say’s its not recommended to use extension by deephost and also you will not get any help related to it. But you can try that once

Yes I have tried it for this but I wonder nothing works for me

I think you are doing something wrong.
because i have used that and i know you will get option like pause and resume and many more

I tried to follow deephost blocks and but I get an error message null

Check the download url is empty or not and check whether you are using the latest version or not

Please do not discuss problems with deephost extensions any further as discussions about them are not allowed on the forum.

drip.aia (91.2 KB)

Yes we understand sorry


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No need to apologise, it was just in case you get suspended over something like that.

is this an extension? I can’t find its link please help me

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Thank you I didn’t know that the developer is Atom Developer

I wanted to make a custome Download like that of DeepHost but his extension doesnot download the video which has not extension of .mp4 it can’t download the link like this
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So I don’t know how I could do and solve it