How can i use AdM without Monetization Approved apps

Hello Koders, Please read this passage completely before replying.

        I had an account in kodular and I had published 3 apps in play store with 17k+ downloads, I'm currently using Admob, and Unity ads in my apps. I published these apps 5 months ago. but now I couldn't update my apps with Admob ads. also my account is not eligible for Ad Manager Components because I had no applications approved for monetization but I had published 3 apps in the play store, and it shows ads fine, how I can update the same app with AdMob ads or ADM Components while my account is not eligible for Ad Manager and also I couldn't upgrade to Ad Manager. Please, anyone, help me to fix this issue.

Hello if your app is live in playstore you not need aprovel from kodular directly apply for kodular admanger and drag ad components and arrange the blocks & publish app… Ads will shows…

The approval is only for those who not publish their app in playstore…

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Watch this video, I can’t able to access ad Manager in kodular. It redirects same page after clicking ad Manager. Check above passages to know more.

Its kodular issue search in community you will get a lot of topic…

We cant do anything regards this
Only staff can doo

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