How do I delete blocks imported form backpack


I accidentally imported all blocks from backpack and now I have 200+ errors and 40 warnings.

I tried to undo and ctrl z and they both did not deleted the blocks that i imported from backpack.

And the reason why I am not deleting the blocks manually is because there were 81 blocks on the backpack so is making the website glitchy.

Please, someone help me because I was working so hard on that app :pleading_face:

You might need to use the last backup you saved before you imported the blocks.

Otherwise slowly delete the blocks.

Also, in what way does the website become glitchy?

what I meant by that is that the response of the page is a little slower than normal.
I’m pretty sure that it has to do with how slow/fast my laptop is…

I don’t have a backup :frowning_face: next time, I’ll make a backup

Delete the blocks, sign out, clear cache and cookies, restart your browser, sign into Kodular, and start building again.

I refreshed the page and now the blocks are not loading properly

I did that right now and there was no change

I think I’ll stop working on that app :sob: (unless there’s a solution)

What browser are you using?

I’m using Chrome (on a chromebook)

Shouldn’t really be any problems with that then.

So there’s no solution for my problem?

Hopefully @dora_paz may know.

If you wish post your aia or pm to check it.

Here you go: MyChat.aia (143.1 KB)