How do I get a text in an Any Label component when I click the EDIT button?

I Need help:

How do I get a caption text in an Any Label component in Kodular when I click the EDIT button?

Using Dynamic Components made with love by Yusuf Cihan :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.
scrANOTE3.ais (12.0 KB)

firebasewaterLEvelinDYna_ImportD510F4.ais (12.5 KB)

The logic is, get I’d of the clicked component, convert it into label I’d which you want to get text , then use get text of component with above converted I’d.

Try this .

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Worked perfectly.

Thank you for your help !

Can you help me with the DELETE and TALK buttons?

scrANOTE3.ais (14.0 KB)

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I cont get you… Did you try the same manner? I have designed to take title label when you hit editar button…

If you want to take value for delete button , copy paste the same if block and change only the id of the component… very simple

I understood well your code that helped me a lot.

With your generous help, I developed the TALK and DELETE button with the UNDO option as well as the color scheme.

It was very complex but it works well.

Then I develop the translation part from Portuguese to English and other languages.

Sorry for my poor English.

scrANOTE4.ais (18.3 KB)

What should delete on delete button click? That particular label or that particular card itself? also after 5 second you set the same arrangement to appear again… May i know the logic?

The logic is simple:

The Delete button when clicked makes the screen item or card invisible for 5 seconds and if the user doesn’t click the Undo Button within 5 seconds, it deletes the item.

Got it… wait for a sec

try this

scrANOTE4_1.ais (19.3 KB)

What is the HideIds variable?

Looks like you haven’t implemented

Hidden field will hide the values untill he click before the counter. Because if he clicked before the counter finish we need to show. If the counter over that card will delete

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