How I can directly install apk from Storage?

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Maybe this might help

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@Sabuj_Hossain1 use this extension made by @vknow360 to install app it will work 100%
You will find this block use this to install app give file path as parameter


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I have just given a suggestion I depend on the consumer which one they prefer :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:


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@bodymindpower you are acting just like a heavy business man / woman who is trying to sell There product with full power :rofl: Sorry Don’t take this seriously I am becoming lunatic sometimes So sorry :sweat_smile:

Not at all, I really appreciate what others (far better extension) developers are doing, I’m just making suggestions on how to do it as easily and with as little memory as possible.


That’s Also my habit so that app can be light :wink:
I think we are going off topic

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When appinventor v4? :thinking: