How I can get Cell Data (i.e User Name) without Row Number from AirTable

I’m creating a tournament application. But I have still problem to load User Data From AirTable.
I’m logging user by there Device ID. I have only “User Name” Column Name. Tell me how I can Load User Data from AirTable without Row No.

Show your spreadsheet database so we can help…
But without row number it’s not possible to get cell data :thinking:
[or I don’t understand what you are saying ]

Thanks For Your Reply

Here I have Column Name and Device ID who is in that Row No I want.
Now I want User Name (i.e JugendraRajput) But I don’t know Row No (When My application have more users).

I’ll pm you…
Don’t share phone numbers here…
You can get user data by user paytm number…
For that…
Get all row [paytm number]
Get user data by his/her paytm number

Can You send me block part screenshot, I have try to do this I’m failed.
Now, I don’t know.

@OfficialDjJohn why don’t you post the solution here? it will be helpful to others too if you write here.


Yes @David
Previously his post was like this- [if you talk hindi contact me whatsapp number his number
So I replied him that I’ll pm him if needed…

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Ok :blush: im asking if you can translate to English and post here the solution :innocent: so that we can also know it.

I’m on it

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Can You share “Block Part” Screen Shot here to better understand

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Thank You, I’m Waiting