Airtable Spreadsheet

Hey guys i am facing some problems in my application. In my app i can delete, edit or add user data which will store in airtable. I used spinner to get name list. But when i select any name in spinner, then i am recieving data of that name. But not recieving in orderwise. Means in name box, i am getting phone number and more. How to fix this error?

On screen start you should get all data and stored in list and then put in spinner and play with index number for corresponding data

Got row block don’t work that way… You have to manually find the index of the columns of your airtable data… I think there is a problem in that… I have faced this type of issues too…

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So what i need to do now? Shall i make one video and send it here?

Find row number of user…
Use index in list block to index user row number then use get cell block

I am not a professional developer. So can you send me block screenshot please?

You can put coulumn instead of row and call get column method.

I will try. But i will create one video and will post it here. So that all of you can understand that what i am trying to say.