How make random multiple list View?

i need :point_down:t2:
original: a1 , b2 , c3 , d4 ,
random : d4 , c3, a1, b2
random : b2, d4 , a1, c3,

Does anyone have a solution?

I haven’t understand want to shuffle two lists together?

yes , …

You want to form a list form the two lists you have something like 1a 2b 3c and then shuffle those?

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yes ,
a,b,c,d is title.
1,2,3,4 is sub title

So you will need to merge the two list first with this way.:
Initialize newList to create empty list.
And then make for a each number loop to merge the two lists
for each number from 1 to length of list
add item to newList , item = join : select list item from list ( tittles ) index ( number., and select list item from list (subTitles) index = number

Now you will have your list merged.Now you will shuffle it.You ccan use the ListUtils extension in shuffling :wink:

many many thanks, i understand , but ,My head is not working.
please help
random_list.aia (9.7 KB)

Here you’re :wink:
label 1 ex: a1 , b2, c3,d4
label 2 ex: (a1 b2 c3 d4 )
label 3 ex:( b2 d4 c3 a1 )
label 4 ex: b2 , d4 , c3 , a1
AIA: random_list (1).aia (9.6 KB)


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:many many thanks , love you b.rother


Thanks very much.If it works mark my answer as solution :heart:

b.rother ,
Now is it possible to show it in list view?
example: if titel = a, than sub title = 1
and if titel = b, than sub title = 2
and if titel = d, than sub title = 4
and if titel = c, than sub title = 3

Just a small update to the aia.I’ve fixed couple of things.
random_list (2).aia (10.5 KB)

Yes i will post it now.

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Just want to confirm.Your letters will be only one letter alone or maybe two letters?

jast one …

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random_lis (1).aia (10.5 KB)

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Here you are.


Please read the description first :grin:


Here’s how to make it:
1- make a for each item in list loop, the main list (shuffled titles and subtitles list) is the list
2- Add to shuffled titles list the first letter from the item variable. (Using the segment block )
3- Add to shuffled subtitles list the last letter no matter how there length from the item variable. (Using the segment block .By setting the length to the length of the string-1 ( the letter that we have trimmed it first))

This way will only work if your items are like this a81729789 b2 c92,etc…There is another way that can use unlimited number of strings at the first as well, but i thought this one is easier. Especially , because you’ve said this

Want the aia?
here you are
Click to view the aia

random (1).aia (11.1 KB)



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That what is the aia does :face_with_raised_eyebrow: