How should I create an app which shortens URL?

Hi everyone!

I capture screenshots a lot on my phone, and I need to send them on my PC (chrome especially).
So, instead of the whole long drill (get your charger cable, copy file, etc.), I need to find a short solution.
As everyone recommends, do your homework, I did; I have developed an idea…

Since Kodular Eagle has a new receiving shared image feature, these steps would work for me -

  • When I capture a screenshot, and move to gallery, I would share the image, where this app would also appear.
  • As soon as I click my app, it would open, and immediately upload it to cloudinary.
  • Cloudinary would send me the link, which I will shorten using the bitly API / any other URL shortening API, and display it.

So, my only problem is to find a good and free URL shortening API, and calling it.
Can anyone recommend me any fine API and guide me through the blocks? I am new using APIs in Kodular. :baby:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I tried to use the receive image block, it just returned me a small path like /external/images/media/1207.

So, I need to display the image on an image component before the upload process begins. Any ideas on this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @kartiktambi
You can use Bitly as it is free and easy to use.

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Hi, @vknow360! :wave:
Thanks a lot for your reply! :slight_smile:

I have done it. I can now successfully shorten URLs.

A new problem is there -

Your idea is to develop an app to send screenshots to the chrome?
Because the “Pushbullet” app does that.
Anyway, your idea is good.

Here’s an interesting option. It’s an open source url shortener. You install it on your server (you can get a free server) and you have your own url shortener.


Hi, @pepocero! :wave:
Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

Also thanks for recommending the app, I would surely check if it fulfils my requirements :+1:

I would prefer instead, coz it has gained my trust, I’ve been using it since 3 years… I asked weather more easier option is available, until @vknow360 tagged a helpful topic.

Thanks btw!

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In addition to what @pepocero has said

yourls is also a very good and open source URL shortener.
If you are thinking to try it then I would like to suggest Infinity free hosting service.It is free and best hosting service.

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With this issue, maybe this will help you:


please show your blocks including a Do it result of that path
it might be a content uri?
if yes, the file extension offers the GetFileName method to get a filename from a content uri


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Hi, @Taifun & @pepocero! :wave:

These are my blocks -


Designer -


The label just displays - /external/images/media/1207

Thanks! :slight_smile:

try the already mentioned GetFileName method

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Hi, @Taifun! :wave:

I think I didn’t get this properly - can you explain more on this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

everything alread has been said…try it!


If it is for personal use then,

Use website in PC and app in phone