How show just a specify URL in webview

I use custom webview in my app, and it doesn’t allow load of links that open in new windows, I like that because it blocks pop up ads, but I will like to specify that if a certain link is clicked it should load it, how can I do that.

I have tried disabling multiple windows, but it loads ads. So I just want to specify a particular link, for the webview to load if it is clicked by users. Thanks.

you would give the address of the site to start from which you want to receive links. (almost any video download links can be obtained from any site)

That’s not true.
CustomWebView allows new tab requests but you will have to handle them properly.
Please search in the community for 'handling new tab CustomWebView ’ .

I don’t think you understand what I mean. The answers are not to my question. Please I mean I will like to specify, that if a particular link is clicked in the webview, the webview should load it.

If you don’t understand I can make a video

Just Allow Follow Links Feature

I already did it, or should I do it with block

Are you the owner of the website you are talking about? If not do you have permission to do what you want?

Yes am the owner

Why not use a different layout of your website for in your app with only the links you want. So a special mobile version.

I don’t understand. Explain more

sometimes when websites see that you are on a phone you get a different layout as if you would be on a phone. So maybe you could try something like that. Don’t ask me anything else because I don’t know anything more about it. Just that it exists.