How to call data from SQL and place different data in diff labels

I want to call data from MySQL db and I want to place that results in different labels like name in different label , number in different label etc
Please help me in doing this.

I am not using extention for this using Taifun method from web.

@ImranTariq please help me

Show what have you tried so far

By selecting index like you have four columns
Name, username, email, and password and you get there value from mysql after that you want to show name in label then use select list item block
And in list put that value you got from MySQL and in index 1 same for all if you want email then index will be 3 and for password index will be 4

Thank you … can you please tell me when I am calling data the column names are also visible as a result I want to remove those column names.
Please help me in this.

@vknow360 please help me

First you have to show what you have tried.

Ok wait I am sending





All these column names I don’t want to show

I don’t know your database structure but you can try this:

Should I show you my SQL database str?

If above blocks don’t work for you.

Ok wait I am testing


Can I remove these brackets?

Yes you have to remove those brackets.

Please tell me how to.

Use replace all text block.

@vknow360 like this?

Like this:

Thankyou so much si.r
You are greattt… :blush: