How to remove column name while retrieving data

When I am calling column from SQL then the column name is also visible on the screen. But just need to remove that from label in which I am displaying data.
Please help me in this.
The column name is shown as below:-


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Don’t use usernames to get attention. Just be patient.

Ok si.r I will take care of it :blush:
Can you please help me in this.

How do you assign the data that you get from mySQL to the label? Show us the blocks.

I have no knowledge of that extension but you can remove columns name by removing first row from data.
Like if you are using for each number loop to get data then start it from 2 so that first row will be removed/ignored.

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Dear @George_Loungos in the first pic which I have share in that That textbox in which I have written the "message’ this text is also shown as a result I don’t want to show this.

I am using deephost MySql

The problem with products from Deephost is that he never gives any support. I personally advise never to use any of his products. We see a lot of users with questions and sometimes problems. He never responds to a question on this community.

Why should we give support for an extension when the developer never does?


Si.r now I have used this please tell me I just only want to hide that “MESSAGE” text from my result.

USe another extension

I don’t want to use Sqlite because currently I am using MySQL and I have uploaded php file on it please give some solution for removing that text " MESSAGE"

then you have only one option
Contect Deep host

Is their any other good MySQL extension?

Why not use taifuns method which is not depends on any extension.


Maybe because he didn’t know that the service there was so bad ? :frowning_face:

Especially when you start with Kodular you just make mistakes and for the community is actually there.

I also had problems with Kodular and SQL at the beginning. I’m almost desperate no matter what extension I used, I just couldn’t get SQL up and running. Only @Taifun then explained to me in a subordinate clause that I cannot write on the assets folder while the app is running.

Information that should actually be somewhere in the documentation, right?
regards Franz

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That extension just is the puravida method. Even he uses the script from him. Exactly the same scriot

The .php script you are using in the DEEP HOST extension is from that link I posted above. You will use the blocks that are on the page. And it will use the same .php script.
DEEP HOST does not respond to our emails.

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I already mentioned taifuns method not extension which depends only on blocks of web with post method

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Here we have more information about MySQL, maybe you can get some ideas.