How to check if user exists in airtable sheet


The title might not explain it all. I am making a small username logging system. The user enters its name and the name gets uploaded to the airtable sheet it’s been associated with. The problem is, that I couldn’t find a block in the spreadsheet component that will check for a specific value in columns on a specific row. I tried the .Get Column block. Any ideas?

Use airtable query method. No need to call either whole data or every col by index method


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Thanks for sharing the guide!

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Hey, sorry for disturbing you, since I cannot private message you, I will ask here. I feel very stupid asking this, but I really cannot find the call Query block with search_in and text. Can you please help, it would be great!

It is procedute block. Did you find it?

Not quite, I tried adding the project to my account, but it couldn’t since it’s using some different web version. I don’t know how to make this procedure block, if you could tell me how I’d be very grateful, I’m kinda new around here.

I think I got it? I am not sure:

Screenshot 2022-07-16 230942

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Wow, thank you so much!

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Hey, sorry for the disturbance again, I got a huge question about the guide. At some point in the WEB part, he gets a block called “get global tab_name”. Do you know by any chance where did he get that from? I don’t see any block initializing a global tab_name. Thank you!

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Yes, I can. I have messaged you.

Dear mates, here by i am sharing kodular version for airtable quey method(screen5)… Also here you can query or sort the datas between two dates(it is in screen4)… Somewhere it was requested…

airtable.aia (10.1 KB)

Airtable link

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