How to clear storage to allow google show new update instantly

Hello great koders I always use In-App update component but mostly I use airtable to force my users to update the app as faster as I want but I do get the same problem that the app in play store it delays to show update.

So the technique I could think to use is to clear data storage of my app so that Play store could show new updates for my app.

and this is the way I could clear the cache storage/emulated/0/Android/com.infinity/cache
But I don’t know how to Clear Storage because without clearing the storage Play Store will not show the update instantly as I want else it will take time.

Please I need your advanced help because without that google takes time to show updates without clearing storage.

You cange the values
Version Name
on screen 1 ?

@bestprintsf Did you read my topic and understood it clearly?

Why you clear cache instead of data
Clear full folder of your app can delete data
** /Android/com.infinity/

could you show how to do with blocks?

Put this address in delete block

where is the delete block?

This block: