How to create a random list in Dynamic CardView

I want to randomly show users any list in the database. PLEASE HELP

in row type data in

How can I make this. I searched a lot on community and YouTube but I didn’t find the right answer

My AIA file

Student_Paper.aia (221.1 KB)

Easiest way -

I tried a lot but could not complete it successfully

Show your Blocks

get select id open Screen m

there is a missing block

You forget to use get row block in When TRY Initialize.

It’s working ?? :thinking:

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean.

I am loading data using Row ID

Use this block in Screen intialize
component_method (1)

can you modifiy my aia file

with load random list in dynamic list view
Student_Paper1.aia (224.9 KB)

Do not share your aia file in any Topic just PM.

help me any one

Here is your modified aia file
Student_Paper1 (1).aia (225.0 KB)

And Tell me It’s working or not ?? :grinning:

not pickup random list

and show dynamic random list not showing

You have many list. Which list you are talking about ??

Just Say What Do you Want To do ??

Load all data but Show random Dynamic cardview

Currently I am showing the same data over and over again but I have to show it randomly when I open the app again.

Like Youtube First screen, Tiktok First Screen

every time same data not showing. show random

my english is bad

Have you tried pick a random item list ?

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