How to create Transaction history

Can anyone help me creating such type of transaction history and when the data gets older it should automatically remove previous data.

Already solved plenty in case

just customonise the code as per your need, this is just a sample guide

But it’s not similar to what I wanted I had already gone through those topics

Similar along with tabs

For every tab you can create or adjust dynamic component. If not you can try this extension too

And as I said earlier , just customize it

This extension already customized & you just adjust little bit

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I am storing the data in this format in firebase so how to retrieve these and show them using list view.

And also the last data should be shown at top.

Can u please help me doing this.

My firbase stru

and the aia is,
FirebaseCustomListView.aia (267.8 KB)


How to show the last one “name3” at top.

The arangement should be in reverse order.
Can u please help me with that.

Then set reverse the list in just before get keys

I did as you did in your aia but it shows only 3 transaction history and also reverse list not showing

tags should not be single digit, see mine
and yours

tags are not in single digit

your tag have empty space, if so it will not work properly

how to create tags which not be overlap and don’t have space too

try underscore whenever space needed like 23052022_094630

I did but still, it’s showing only 3 transaction history

when I rotate my phone (landscape) it’s showing all transaction history but not on portrait mode

Am I doing something wrong as its not showing any of the data.

right click on the global tag and show us in screenshot

Now its done but could not reverse the order.