How to Display List View Elements in List View Image and Text

In this aia, whenever the web page loads, the url saves in tinydb and gets displayed in the listview component…
but instead of list view, I need them to store in List View Image and Text Component
How can I display these elements in List View Image and Text (subtitles)??

test.aia (177.0 KB)

You can use image and text list view

try like this…
test11(1).aia (177.7 KB)

Great efforts man, but it still facing some issues…

The elements are getting repeated.

Try this modified version

test12.aia (177.8 KB)

Clear your tindydb and try one more time…

Also i forget to add clear list view. I tested in companion and works well. Apk mean it will continue… just add clear list view just before adding for each number from to by block. Issue will be solved., I hope

just add this block alone and try


works completely fine now. Thanks Everyone…

Just 2 more things…

  1. How can I reverse this list? (I tried reverse the list component but it didn’t worked)
  2. Is there any way to set marquee on subtitle?

Change the for each number block like this
from(length of the list get tinyDB tags)

It is not possible in list view image i hope but not sure , It is possible if you created the same setup with dynamic comp

genius man! Thanks a lot

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