How to dynamically show card view & image from firebase database?

Hello friends in my app i want to show images dynamically from firebase databese from specific Bucket, i have set every tag value as image url so i can load image from url for every tag.

i am able to show card view dynamically but images are not loading

please see image below

you need add clock to timer enabled to true at here(interval is just 1000 is enough)

when clock timer
add that dynamic creation block


please see (not working)

see, you need to generate dynamic procedure after getting value only, but you have started to generate dynamic card, it means as per your procedure you will not create dynamic card as per the number of url list length.

try to crate dynamic card , create image in this card but after clock timers

You should switch from Kodular’s dynamic components to dynamic components extension.

can u plz help me with code block how to do it?
demo.aia (278.2 KB)

card view is creating but no images

it seems you have stored the url manually so app reading it wrongly…
see the tag list

Do It Result: (https https https https https https https https)

blocks are correct… no issue


:point_right: always click on do it, to find the error

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yes you are right i am storing url manually but how to fix url not reading

The problem that you have is that you added url manually to firebase. The format should be

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