How to edit text in list

Hi, I have this kind of list view: every item has its bracket and quotation mark [“text”]

I want to edit all text in every item to be just normal text without any marks.

I thought it could be done by using For Each Item in List and Replace All Text but it seems that they don’t match.

Any idea how to do this? Thanks

If you select list item list this bracket won’t appear. Show us in detail, where do you get the data? How did you print these values in respev lables so that we can assist you better

Hi, thanks for replying.

I was just using the list view - add elements from Airtable (Pic 1)

So I have 2 types of tables. The original one and the lookup one. If I use the original one, it works perfectly. This is the original table (Pic 2 & 3)

But when I pull the lookup table, the data have the brackets in the list view. This is the lookup table (Pic 4 & 5)

I think it’s because of the lookup feature on Airtable, but I really need the feature. So I am looking for to replace the brackets from my text.

Thank you

But why do you need lookup table? Want to look certain username and his detail alone? In such case you can use sortable API query…

Using this method # How to check if user exists in airtable sheet - #2 by Still-learning easy to use with the help of web block

I want to automatically sort by point for my leaderboard.

Because when I’m using the automatic sort in the original table, it may cause trouble when inputting the data

May be this extension will help

Then test this

Thanks, will try this. But glad if we also have a solution for editing text in list for future requirement

Finally found it. Thanks all