How to fix search click

how fix the issue which show search options " when i search the content its work but when i click the search result then open another content not open what i’m selected. how to fix it. help me

After the search On clicking the searched items into next screen , you have used index +1 but it should not . You should use index is in list block
(Since you are comparing the title, use index is in list get global title item put clicked items

can you please point out in my block image it’s helpfull for me

you have misthae in these two blocks. here you must use when the item is being clicked, i mean before search or after serch… your block will work before search the item being clicked

after search in the plae of index you should not use element index instead you must use index is in list block

Anthrolib_h(1).aia (841.9 KB)

it is fixed with lessblocks…

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