How to fix this error 'Web_Viewer1$PageLoaded'

Dear friends, In the recent version of kodular(1.5.2), I am getting this error in my existing apps (call to ‘Web_Viewer1$PageLoaded’ has too few arguments (0; must be 1))
How to fix this issue? Pls, anyone help me. follow the image.
Thank You.


Did you checked in apk ? Is it working fine in apk ?

Actually I am getting error from yesterday. In the apk I am facing the same issue.

I just checked you don’t get this error in compiled apk. Test compiled apk again :thinking:

This is from companion and you are using 1.5.1

Update to 1.5.2


Refer to this thread

@contact_flixweb please next time do a search about your issue.

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