How to format or put a mask on a textbox?

good morning (it’s 11 o’clock in Egypt )
i want the user to insert his mobile phone number in a textbox
then i upload the phone number to airtable
every thing works fine
except i noticed some users inserts the number wrong
the format in Egypt is 01*********
01 + 9 digits
some people by mistake forget a digit or enter a digit more
how to control this format or mask in the textbox?
thank you

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use regular expression to check if valid or not.
or set the textbox to accept number only, and check if the text length is 9 before uploading.


I was just about to point to your extension

@foad_helmy check out these threads


Give this one a shot TelTextbox.aia (2.4 KB), p.s it doesn’t contain any extension.


thank you for helping me
this works fine with me
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