How to find a number from the text and return it

How can I find a number in some text fields and return the number after finding the number, I mean I want to find the zip code from a piece of address and then return the number as long as the number does not contain text

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How are you getting address…

After I use the gps component to get the user’s current location, I want to extract the postal code

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Use split block to get that particular part.

But the problem is that I cannot use the check block to find the exact location of the zip code from the address and cannot be split

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What? Sorry didn’t get you…

I mean, if you use a split block, I must know the exact location of the zip code in the address to split, but I can’t check its exact location

For example, a standard address is: no15 road ave3 statae 12345 Singapore, but sometimes the address returned by the gps component is no15 road ave3 statae 12345, so I can’t determine how to split the location of the postal code without Singapore.

Ok… Will try to create blocks & tell you tomorrow… Or you can use Location extension…

Thank you, how to add address information? I don’t understand

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Okay, thank you, I now try to hope the result is what I want

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Make sure this method is accurate and directly what I want, thank you

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Can you show some demonstrations of airtable filtering, because I can’t find the information taught by someone on the forum before, and I am tired of searching for a few days before I think of you

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