How to get 2 separate thing from text

i want get 2 thing separate thing from text

here is whole text

this text come under in [backUp]
it can be in any length 
it can more than 10 or 80 lines

this text come under in [User]
it can be in any length 
it can more than 10 or 80 lines

i want to get [User] text but how ??

You will get it from textbox or tinydb?? Can you give more specific.

I got text from file

Read the file and gotten text is this

I want to save only the text come inside of [User] in tiny db

Until it have special tag or json format or CSV, it is hard to separte I think, may be easy for someone. Let we wait for others view.

Of course it will be convenient if you share sample of text file

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file.txt (294 Bytes)

here is an sample of it

i can’t give the real one because it contains binary number and symbol

sample file work same as real one

Of course you should not…

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i thinking that if gotten text doesn’t contain space then it counted as a csv file

Maybe this might help

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i am trying it

Using Regular Expression Extension by @Kevinkun


i getting this i tried same block and same text

Did you use (user) or user in the block, pls check up… because list count will varry accordingly

i tried both (user) and user same error coming

Are you testing with the text file, if so pls try with [user] instead of (user) as your text file contain [, ] and not ( )

file.txt (292 Bytes)
test.aia (8.7 KB)

i tried with [user] , (user) , user ,[User] , (User)

same thing

regex.aia (40.3 KB)

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@dora_paz thank you for aia file :blush: :blush:

Blocks are not the same as mine

i was thinking that [?] should be replaced with my [User] :sweat_smile:

anyway thank you so much

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You can use this