How to get data from column Google sheet

Hello Koders,
in my previous project i was retrieving data from each column from an airtable spread sheet
i was trying this morning without success trying to do the same method but using google sheet hosted in drive any help please.?

the screenshoot show airtable version

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Why you guys don’t give a direct help in this forum and transfer us to another forum community !?

Simple. Why the answer already exists, so we research and post. :+1:


i saw all the tutorials there i didnt found the one i need actually ? can you answer my question in blocks ?

you might want to try this solution App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps together with a query, for example


to get all rows of column D


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Hi @dalank

Have a look at this post.
This extension can fulfil your requirement precisely and you can perform a lot more actions to google sheets from your app with this extension.


Using this guide I could learn how to get information from Google Sheets.

I wonder if that’s what you need.

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Am easier way is to use this extension

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

You can do it easily just need to export the Google sheet as csv and use select item list block

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Hello, thanks but can you please clear more about this ?

If you just want to read column from one sheet of your Google spreadsheet then just copy the link of your spreadsheet and change the ‘edit?usp=sharing’ to ‘export?format=csv’ this should be the web components URL

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This way you will egt the data in csv format

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Then you just need to select the coloum using this method