How to get details of user by a child value in firebase?

Hi Kodular Community!

I would like to know that if I am having the data of an user on firebase database, then how can I retrieve the values of other tags against that very user id.

For example, in the below picture is a data (Source)
Suppose I am having the value of firstname i.e. Chandler. Now, I want to get the joinDate. How can I do so?

With a bit homework, I was able to reach the below two websites but were not relevant.

Looking forward to your help!

Welcome to community. If you have no authentication rules then you could use Web component. Set Web1.Url to


and then when Web1.GotText set label to get responce content. After that you can use dictionary blocks to get what you want. You can search :mag: community for similar topics

Thanks a lot @dora_paz for your great suggestion!

But actually I have made authentication rules for the database which would contain user name, email ID, password, date of joining and a code. Could you help me out with this situation having authentication rules?

I meant database’s rules …


use dictonaries for getting it

Yeap @dora_paz ! Indeed I meant the same. I apologise if I was not that clear with my words. The database is not open and both read and write is through firebase authentication only.
Any other solutions?

Sorry @HAKANKOKCU , the database is not open and requires authentication for read and write. Any other suggestion?

I mean:
Use dictonary when got data from database
I tried to save dictonary to database and it looked like thing that you sent
Get data from key(Tag)

Thanks a lot @HAKANKOKCU ! Well, that’s quite a great idea for small databases. But I am afraid, if the database gets huge, it would be quite messy and would bring a huge charge as well. Nevertheless, I will definitely try that out, but could you please clarify this problem of large databases?

I was used this for my browser app´s addon store

I would like to know, is your database authenticated? Actually I have tried it out but the whole database won’t load without making the rules true for the reads.

No, all third party can read my database

Yeap @HAKANKOKCU ! That’s basically a problem in my case. I am not willing to make it open (as it contains codes that are confidential).
Nevertheless, thanks a lot for your time!

Thank you @TimAi2 , but I am afraid, I will have to make it open to reads and writes in that case. I might be wrong, could you post blocks so that I can get a better image of your way?

Note: My database rules are not open and requires firebase authentication to read or write.

You should have the idToken of the user when they login. Use that in the Credentials to authorise the query. This assumes that the logged in user has full access to the Users area.

My guide here:

Maybe encrypting data while uploading and decrypting when reading data wihout auth?

I am afraid, that might disclose some sensitive data about the users such as email id and passwords. Nevertheless, I really appreciate your help @HAKANKOKCU !

I apologise @TimAi2 in case I was not able to clearly lay out the whole idea of my app. Actually in my app, I also want to create a school account which would have a secret code that can be given to the teachers to avail and upload data to the school’s database area. The teachers would themselves have their own account in the app as well.

I have actually got an idea to do so in a way that needs your guide. So, I am marking your answer as a solution, and as I should mention - great guide!

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