I want to get values from each tags from specific project bucket

the project bucket will be the name entered and in that bucket 4 datas will be stored but i can get only 1 tags data

Post a screenshot of your firebase’s data structure


…and for which tag do you want to get data ?

i wanna get data from the bucket list which is really name of person and show each data here


Set project bucket to user_name/ and then call get all tags. When got all tags for each item in list - get values call firebase to get data for tag. When firebase got value if get tag = name then …get value else if tag = address then …get value …

or use web component with dictionary blocks. Set web url to firebase’s_url/tag/.json call web get and then use dictionary blocks to get values from json response

Like this ?

Or this @dora_paz

You are looking for this is in user app or admin app?

User app mean, instead of getting data from firebase just use tinydb to store the users inputs and use get value of tinydb where ever you want.

I do not see a tag phone … in your firebase


basically it number ya i got to change that

user app but if the person login after uninstalling in a different device the tiny db is useless

If he login with different username on the same device after uninstall?

it uses email authentication

remove from ur gallery too : ) @Still-learning

I dont know the meaning of it. I just used your firebase address in your post

see here

you have just showd your address here

ok so lets come to the point. My app uses username system to get data from firebase when logging in but ig i should change username system to email system so they dont need to enter mail name etc so if i do that i need my app to show the details stored in firebase database to be shown in the profile page but firbease only lets me get value from 1 tag so help me

May be i am weaking understanding your query. My suggestion

intead of authendication you an use Google account picker

once registered you save the email along with username. next time when user after uninstall and try to sign up with same email id you can check whether the picked item is present in database or not. If not you can save fresh registration else just recover concern tag value from firebase to app

but will it save the address the mobile number the name etc ? @Still-learning ut will it save the address the mobile number the name etc ? @gs

In such case , after picking email you can use authendication via mobile then.

so next time if user picks the same email automatically you can retrieve the stored datas from db