How to retrieve user data from firebase, like signup and login

Hello koders, I need help with the database. I have successfully stored the user data to firebase in sign-up.

But when I calling the data from firebase, it doesn’t work very well. I am using only one screen as signup and login with the use of 2 Vertical arrangements. the project bucket is “AbsoluteUsers” and the tag is the user’s phone number.

I have firebase email signup in this

Also if the user is already registered then show a message “Account is already registered, Please login.”

The problem is when I’m log-in, it always shows “Password is wrong or does not exist”

Can anyone inspect the blocks and correct this/me?

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How you are setting your url ? There is some problem do one thing message me personally I will help you regarding your firebase set up ok


Messaged you

Why do you keep asking people to pm you ? Why won’t you post your suggestions here so others users with the same problem might benefit ?


Yes I wil post the solution after his solution as I thought that he doesn’t want to share his firebase details so I asked in personal

Make sure you are calling the blocks correctly … the problem is, i am unable to see the blocks exactly. If you post separately it will be convenient to check up

Also hide your personal details… community will not accept it. Hide the details with any color

@Nidhinraj , this is good spirit… if possible try to share the blocks separately…

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@Aditya_Nanda , mostly you are very various to solve others problem. That is good. First suggest them still they are unable to solve and topic are dumping with more messages then ask them to share …


How do I separate the blocks ?.

I’m Using one screen to SIgnup and Login… :frowning_face:

Do you have screenshot application ? If not google download light shot. Very user-friendly and just 2-3mb app only.

I got you. Yes I have Screen snip. I will Add the block separately

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This is the all blocks + Database project bucket

Will you use the Drop_in project bucket from the designer mode?

Actually I don’t know much about that, it auto added

Then clear it. Make it empty always. Because you are adding the bucket in the blocks section. So no issue. If not it will trouble you this bucket

You set the mobile number length must be equal to 10 if not it will give you such error. But in the firebase tags shows 12 digit? This is big controversy. Because you are allowing your app to store 10 digit only and saving it as 12 digit in firebase. But upon successful sign in you are calling firebase with 10digit mobile number only. Pls see to that

Yeah, i have added +91

Okay, I will remove from designer

Are you sure with this process?

firebase token=10 digit mobile number? Quite new to me. Make sure this block. I hope problem with here only. As for i know you can set this mobile number as pro.bucket

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How do I do that ??

instead of token, set it as project bucket and try…

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Okay I’ll do that. replace token to pro.bucket right ?